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WHO Multi-Country Survey on Abortion (WHOMCS-A):
Abortion-related Morbidity in the Facilities


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Project Summary

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), abortion accounts for 8% [4.7-13.2] of maternal mortality worldwide. However, capturing accurate information on abortion is a challenge especially in settings where abortion is legally restricted. In 2010, the WHO Multi-Country survey (MCS) on Maternal and Newborn Health collected data on over 300,000 women who were admitted in health facilities to receive pregnancy related care across 29 countries. Concerning abortion, the MCS only collected data on women with severe maternal outcomes (i.e. near miss or maternal deaths). The MCS abortion related data suggests underreporting of the abortion related morbidity and mortality and emphasizes the need for providing evidence-based abortion services, which is in line with recent literature. More(+)

Study objectives

The main goal of this study is to improve understanding of the burden of abortion-related

complications and quality of care in health facilities globally.

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