Global Maternal Sepsis Study

GLOSS - ID: 65787

Project Summary

This study is part of the “Global Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis Initiative” which has the overall goal of accelerating reduction of preventable maternal and newborn deaths related to sepsis. The latest estimates suggest that infections are the underlying cause of 11% of maternal deaths and 25% of newborn deaths, but the true burden of maternal infection and its complications is not well known. As is the case for other maternal conditions, the main reason for this uncertainty is the absence of standard definitions, identification criteria and measurement tools(SAY 2013 CHOU 2016 VAN DILLEN). In order to reduce the burden of maternal and neonatal infections it is necessary to improve our understanding of epidemiological and contextual factors as well as the current management of maternal and early neonatal sepsis.


Study objectives

Primary Objectives

1. To develop and validate two sets of criteria for identification of possible severe maternal infection (presumed maternal sepsis) and maternal sepsis (confirmed sepsis);
2. To assess the frequency and the outcomes of maternal sepsis in developing and developed countries;
3. To assess the use of effective practices for prevention, early identification and management of maternal sepsis.

Secondary Objectives

4. To contribute to the understanding of vertical transmission of infection by assessing outcomes and management of neonates born to women with suspected or confirmed peripartum infection;
5. To raise awareness about maternal and neonatal sepsis among health care providers, policy makers and the general public, including pregnant women, mothers and their families;
6. To build a network of health facilities to implement quality improvement strategies for better identification and management of maternal and early neonatal sepsis.

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